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ginger bread man


I'm putting this up as this is a discussion between myself and a co-worker on googletalk.

Effectively, this was a conversation about haters and people who hate. Off the top of the head, I had mentioned that we are "Level 8 haters" and then she asked me to explain what that meant. Completely improv, this is what I came up with.

Level 1: "nonsensical hating", that's standard "being a dick" type stuff

Level 2: "reasonable hating"

Level 3: "street hating" or "common hating", which most mature people can do at a fairly proficient rate

Level 4: "semantical hating" where you nitpick for the sake of making holes... it's arguably just higher than "non-sensical hating" but its more disciplined

Level 5: "theorhetical hating" or "philisophical hating", where people vainly attempt to hate with the use of a small amount of knowledge to justify the hatred

Level 6: "experience hating", where you flaunt what and where and (in some cases who) you've done to put down people

Level 7: "nuclear hating" where you just hate on everything, relentlessly and diversely. Also known as "carpet bombing hating". Usually found with people with a Masters degree in sociology/philosophy/law/psychology

Level 8: "zen hating" where you can control the hate, and unleash precision crippling strikes as required and requires an unnatural level of discipline.

Strangely, this is the only thing where I am truly disciplined.

This is being 'blogged' because if I don't post this somewhere, I will lose the genius forever.