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ginger bread man

Reason #15 Why I despise the Toronto Maple Leafs

There was a marketing
research study
done which compared all 122
major league pro teams.

New Jersey Devils : #38
Expensive tickets mar, otherwise, a top 20 finish. They scored well in just
about every other facet. And Lou Lamoriello is about as close to a deity as
you can get amongst mortals. I love that man.

So what about my post.

Toronto Make Beliefs : #120
Only the Knicks and the Clippers, failing franchises in big markets.
Wait... I guess the trend is true.

The are officially (for the study's purposes anyways) the most expensive
ticket and third worst on the "bang for your buck" measure. Only coaching
likely keeps them at the bottom of the whole list.

The Raptors are at #105. Same ownership. Same rudderless ship.

After the $140 Real Madrid tickets (well, I get the "loyalty price" of
$125...) how could I be surprised.

Seriously, MLSE has found a way to be profitable and mediocre.

And I will state it again, if it wasn't for the fact that I love soccer more
than I hate the Leafs, I'd never have got TFC tickets in the first place.

But I swear that gets more and more level every second, thanks to their
constant meddling with Hamilton getting an NHL team. Yeah I moved to
Toronto, but that doesn't mean I don't want a major league jersey with the
city I'm from emblazoned across the chest to wear of the city that I still
call "home".