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A new toy

Right now I am currently laying down typing in bed on my new netbook. If you don't know what a netbook is, it's a wee laptop with the intention of it being just used for the net, but that definition is too narrow. So far, it's bad ass, but wait til I'm past day one.

I got one with a few intentions:
1) mobile tech support back in Hamilton
2) to help foster creativity while in transit. Typing on my HTC Touch sucks ass in a moving vehicle.
3) to help catalogue my massive Magic card collection, which I gotta get rid of if only for space's sake. This little device will allow me to enter them on a portable platform, thus making the movement of cards from table to desk unnecessary. Yes, it's that many cards.
4) I'm a tech dork. My love of portable technology knows no bounds!

Otherwise, the headache I've got from baking in the sun is about to do me in. So yeah, blah. Stuff.



That's pretty cool, dude. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your creative labours at some point!