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It's been a good week

I have to openly admit how playing the drums to the point of exhaustion and sweaty is very zen for me. I give it up to Alex and Philly for allowing me to play at whatever pace and rhythm I want to, though I try to accommodate to the style that they're playing. And though that emo-ska version of Travelling Wilbury's "End of the Line" is hella-rough, it was fun and there's something in there, I swear.

Still wish that last jam out was recurded well. I don't know where I was going with the rhythm, but I was liking it and wish I got there sooner so I could've played it a bit longer.

I went to the Ex on Friday. That was good. There I saw a dude I couldn't quite place at first but know I've seen him somewhere... often too. Then I saw this terribly attractive redhead who after a few glances, I realized I've seen her before at field level at the soccer games... and the other dude seems to be good friends with the supporters. THAT'S WHERE I RECOGNIZED HIM! I call him the MLSE Puppet. Seems that they were together. Lucky sod.

Then Mikey and I headed to the bandshell to check out The Creepshow and Planet Smashers. I totally twisted my ankle skanking... or whatever dancing that I do when I go to ska shows and let my shit go. Man, that was awesome. It's August, it was 19C and I LOVED IT. Perfect weather. A wonderful wind going through the bandshell area. Kids had a good time. Mikey and Philly, who joined us later, sat through the show but seemed to dig it. Awesome.

BTW, my bachelor party will involve going to Montreal to find a Planet Smashers hometown show, then eat awesome sushi with everyone I know. Men and women. I think that would be memorable!

Or 311... anyways...

Turns out I'm going back to the Ex on Tuesday. Why you ask. Well it's funny...

I've been using eHarmony for the last few months. Yes, due to my shetardedness and an inability to know if a girl is digging me (which apparently I've turned down outright invitations for sex without knowing it... yes, I'm that stupid), this is a better gauge.

Her name is Mary. She's in Brampton. We got to chattin over Google on Saturday night and was rather jealous of me going to the Ex. Our first date will be to wander the grounds and look at stuff. She seems kinda cool... I mean we almost impromptu made a dinner date Saturday night except we were without vehicles. Nevertheless, we'll see. My reactive humour came across well, and I think we were scoring points with one another based on random factoids and similarities... turns out she worked at a movie theatre as well.

So we've planned our first date. I'm not nervous. Not yet anyways. Full report, if only for my own records.

It being 12:30 in the AM, I should do that sleeptime bullshit.

And lately, it hasn't been too bad being 'me'. I could get used to this...

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Congratulations Hink,

Hope it works out for you. How have things been going anyhow? Haven't seen you since I worked in Toronto.

Talk to you later,
Thanks homie.

Things are up and down. Depending on the weather/bank statements/work/other drama.

How's the world treating you sir?
The worlds treating me a bit better these days. I'm making the jump back into education and changing my career. Lots of thought went into this. And a bit of foot dragging on my part, I should have made a change a few years ago.

Other than that. Not much else. Still riding single on the train of life. Had to sell the house last year (couldn't afford to keep it and pay off the ex).
All in due time. That being said, you're likely not as shetarded as I am, so you'll eventually get another swing :)

Whatcha taking?
Well I can be shetarded, I won't admit to being as or greater than yourself sir, I won't also admit that I'm sure I've passed on girls that I've had no idea might have been digging me.

Besides that. I'm going through for Nursing. Long story short is I looked at the state of the production industry and didn't see a great need for electronics specialists, nor electricians (my dad was out of work for a few months), and after a bit of research, saw Health care is a bit of a growth industry right now, and will be for the next 10-20 years (or until the baby boomers start dying off).

Besides that, there is a tonne of room for growth and movement.
you went to the ex and didnt come see me... YOU WENT twice and didnt come see me.

the attractive redhead at field level.. sounds like nathalie... or was she quite young?

so how did the date go? I actually went to the ex on tuesday with that dumbass cop.
I... I didn't... know I.

I'm sorry :)

Seriously, I wouldn't know where you might be at the Ex. I know you work at the ground, but if it's somewhere in the west stand, I'm at a loss. Now I'm afraid to come visit during game time, because there's no way that would be interfering with work, no would it? :D

All I know is I see the redhead with a walkie-talkie rocking a business suit at field level during games. Tho I haven't seen her this year.

The date went well. We gabbed and gabbed and gabbed some more. If nothing else, there's a chemistry there. Only the night cut it short :)
Had a kickass time at the jam session. We've got to do it again in the future. And yeah, it's too bad the recording quality wasn't so great, but it's all good.

I just realized your date already happened. How'd it go?!
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