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Watakushi no kioku ga tashika naraba...

Kyoo no tema wa kore desu

Froggy J
19 August
What can I say. I'm the website guy for www.frogjimmy.com, a site with some of the most fucked-up creative minds contributing to it. We're looking to blaze paths and kick ass.

Me personally, I have a strong music addiction and an "extensive" CD collection. I know, everyone has a CD collection, but not like this shit. I'm kinda a jack of all trades. I really don't to anything exceptionally well, aside from getting people to laugh. I play drums, bass, guitar, keyboard poorly. I whip ass at FIFA 2004.

I fight like hell not to remain stagnant, however I find that I change and things change at a very moderate pace... not fast, but not at all either. I'd rather move, but I'd like to move faster. My friends and my family are very important to me. Without them, I'd just be that wierd asshole on the bus, or the guy way out of place at a concert. Instead, I'm multi-facted.

What else. I was the Chess Club MVP. I've been a indy pro wrestling manager. I've been on a bad Canadian game show. I've got a BA in nothing special from Brock University. I'm a Leo and a Dragon... I'm not superstitious about the zodiacs, but shit, that's gotta be something. I once pulled a 270 (or was it a 630?) in a van full of people in an intersection and no one got hurt and the van was unharmed. I've been complimented on my "line delivery" style from friends and strangers. I'm the kind of guy who got 65's all throughout high school, but would enter and win a math contest. What the fuck am I filling this out for???

So, there you have it. That's me. Some of the friends on my list are also www.frogjimmy.com contributors. Go figure? Check out their shit... it's good, in a happy sorta way.

OK, I'm tired.


Mark (a.k.a. The Management)
1976, 2 skinnee j's, 311, a tribe called quest, accents, amazing race, animation, anime, attack of the show, aural fixation, bad religion, broken lizard, canada, cd collecting, celtic, chappelle show, cky, clone high, coheed and cambria, concerts, cruiserweight, dai-guard, dreamcast, drums, ebay sniping, evangelion, eyedea & abilities, faith no more, family guy, firefly, flash, football chants, fourfourtwo, fox sports world, fucking shit up, fusion, futbol, futurama, g4, golden boy, goldfinger, guitar, halo, hamilton, hockey, hoobastank, humor, ice cream, incubus, jado & gedo, jeopardy, jessica chobot, jet grind radio, jet set radio, jsrf, jurassic 5, jushin liger, justice league, kevin smith, kmfdm, kung fu, life is a mystery, live music, lojic, lostprophets, magic the gathering, manchester united, masato tanaka, midi, mixed martial arts, mma, monty python, more or les, morgan webb, mst3k, multi-player co-op gaming, multiplayer gaming, music, music composition, mystery science theater 3000, ned's atomic dustbin, new jersey devils, new music, ontario, originality, ostrich head, ozomatli, pax217, photoshop, pimping, pine*am, pokemon puzzle league, poser-hating, quarashi, rap-rock, reason, redheads, reel big fish, repercussion, robotech, rock, rugby, scapegoat wax, shabak samech, shenmue, shootyz groove, ska, skindred, soccer, south park, spongebob squarepants, sushi, synthesizer, taka michinoku, teen titans, tony hawk pro skater, transformers, trivia, trivial pursuit, ufc, undergrads, used cds, web design, webmaster, when saturday comes, women, world cup 2006, world of warcraft, wrestling, xbox, xbox live, zebrahead